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5 Ways El Nino Affects Your Portfolio

What is El Nino? El Nino may sound like the name of a popular mariachi band, but it is in fact a repeated weather formation that costs the global economy $3 trillion in losses on average. According to the National Geographic … Read More

Will The Black Sea Grain Deal Save Summer?

This week our spotlight is on wheat, a critical ingredient in the manufacturing of beverages such as beer as well as the production of animal feed. The past year has been one of intense volatility for wheat prices. The below … Read More

Is Weaker Copper An Opportunity?

This week our spotlight is on copper, which is also known to some as the eternal metal because it is easily recycled without losing any of its properties. Thus far in 2023, the price of copper has fallen to its … Read More

What’s Driving The High Price Of Rice?

This week, our spotlight falls on the price of rice, a staple food for over 3.5 billion people which is almost half of the world’s population. As shown in the below extract from the Capnote indicator dashboard, Rice prices are … Read More

3 Reasons Silver Can Keep Booming

Precious metals are booming. The below indicators function on Capnote shows that the prices of Silver, Platinum and Gold are all at high levels and greater than their 5- year averages by more than one standard deviation. This is generally … Read More

Pivoting to Web3 Careers: A Guide for Professionals (Part 1)

  Nako Mbelle is the founder of Fintech Recruiter. She works closely with web3 & crypto companies to find the best talent for their teams and also assists professionals pivot to full-time web3 & crypto roles. Book a career coaching or … Read More