Why Is Capnote Needed?

Capnote is an intelligence and productivity platform for finance. It has been created to help financial professionals, investors and organizations save time, make better decisions, learn, collaborate and monetize expertise or data. 

The platform was envisioned by financial professionals with decades of experience across multiple continents. During this time, they realized the following:   

  • There are significant opportunities to save time and costs.
  • There are significant opportunities to generate income and deepen client engagement.
  • The mass market is underserved by legacy tools, which have not evolved with the times.
  • There are labor shortages of financial professionals with far-reaching consequences.
  • Financial inclusion and education are more important than ever and require suitable technology.

Read more about these below.  

There Are Significant Opportunities To Save Time & Costs.

Capnote leverages automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence to help individuals and organizations save time, improve decision-making and discover new opportunities. This directly leads to gains for the top and bottom lines. 

“Financial services companies could generate $140 Billion in productivity gains and savings by modernizing workforce technologies.” – Accenture

These estimates from Accenture are for organizations in North America. Click here to read the full article. In addition, this also points to a global productivity opportunity as the rest of the world could realize similar benefits. For example, below is another quote from a research report about financial services in Africa.

“A significant part of the banking value chain remains dependent on manual tasks, driving 60 to 70 percent of costs. Research suggests that there is more than 50 percent automation potential across selling, general, and administrative (SG&A) functions and 40 to 60 percent cost-savings potential from using automation in these functions.” – McKinsey

Capnote has been designed to be accessible and affordable to ensure more individuals and organizations can access technology that taps into these benefits and synergies.

The mass market is underserved by legacy options, which have not evolved with the times.

Financial information is absolutely essential for all financial professionals and investors. It is impossible to make good decisions and enhance performance without access to timely and broad datasets.  However, the wealthiest have unlimited budgets for information and custom data technologies while the mass market is underserved. This results in significant information asymmetry and differences in performance.  

Below are some of the reasons why legacy financial information platforms do not meet the needs of the entire market: 

  • Prohibitively expensive and aimed at the wealthiest organizations. 
  • Their user experience is complicated and unintuitive. Many professionals do not enjoy using these tools and often waste a lot of time trying to perform basic tasks. 
  • Do not significantly assist to process data and actively alert users to possible meanings, risks or implications. They just serve as big data warehouses.
  • They do not help users automate workflows or save time.
  • They are not customizable and have very little personalization.
  • They are not educational so users do not improve their skill set
  • For many regions outside of the wealthiest, the data and research carried is inadequate or severely restricted. For example, independent research about countries in Africa cannot be found.

Capnote has been designed by financial professionals for the mass market. It provides modern cutting-edge solutions at prices that will not break the bank. For individuals, Capnote can even be accessed on a free and premium basis. In addition, Capnote’s enterprise platform can be customized to better suit the workflow, standards and appetite of professionals and organizations.

There Are Labor Shortages Of Financial Professionals With Far-Reaching Consequences.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find qualified financial professionals to hire. According to the Association for Financial Professionals, nearly 60% of treasury and finance functions report that they are facing a talent shortage. This has significant implications for business growth and the job satisfaction of other team members. In a recent study, the Manpower group highlights the following implications of labor shortages in finance: 

  • Increased expectations on remaining team members
  • Risk of compliance issues
  • Increased audit risk
  • Inability to close the books
  • Greater employee dissatisfaction and/or burnout
  • Potential for higher turnover

In addition to these, we also note, reduced sales momentum, slower management reporting and decision making and higher costs from wage inflation or employee turnover.  
Capnote’s modern technology such as automation and machine learning empowers financial professionals to achieve more with limited resources. It also empowers adjacent functions such as procurement or sales to understand and utilize financial data for their purposes.

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